Booth Features

Our photo booths have the following features

Green Screen

Want your guests to be on the beach, on the moon or even the star on a magazine cover or movie poster? Well with our green screen station the options are endless.

Our state of the art technology allows us to capture your guests against our green screen backdrop and put them in a scene of your choosing and print off the photos instantly for them to take away.This may be a themed scene to match your party, a magazine layout to promote your event or even putting your guests heads onto a new body for a promotion!Our green screen photos are great fun for your guests at any wedding or party.  They are also perfect for corporate events including trade shows , exhibitions, product launches and company parties as they can be branded with your information or even your own product!

Immersive Green Screen

With our new Immersive Green Screen technology you can be right in the middle of the action. This new software creates a truly immersive 3D image and is popular with all ages. This new technology takes photos to a whole new eye catching level!

Marryoke (Brand New Technology)

This Marryoke technology is the photo booth version of video karaoke but with a twist! This software has the ability  to record and create a mash of all the guests singing the same song in one video which makes a great memory for the party host.

Facial Recognition (Digital props)

Everyone loves to dress up a bit with the fun props in a photo booth.Now your guests can take things to a whole new level with our new digital facial recognition photo booth props.Using the latest facial recognition technology our latest photo booth software will recognise faces and give them the option to apply a wide variety of digital props on, above or to the side of their faces.Props can range from full or half masks, hats & wigs, cartoon mouths or eyes, speech bubbles and many many more different types of props. You are only limited by your imagination.

Video Messaging

Our photo booth can record HD video messages so the guests can record a short video message.  The message can be a guest at a wedding wishing the married couple the best, or a colleague at a christmas party thanking the boss for the hosting! The videos will be supplied on a USB stick after the event.

Slow-Mo Video Messaging (Brand New Technology)

We now have a great brand new software addition to our video messaging called slow-mo. Slow-mo can create an extremely fun and  interactive camera experience at your event capturing your guests via the normal video messaging software either dancing, blowing bubbles or anything they can think of! Once the video has processed they can view/save it in a slowed down slow-mo fashion!

InstaNet Photo Capture

Our new InstaNet feature allows you to capture photos taken on any smart phone or tablet at your event simply by uploading to Instagram using a pre-determined hashtag. The booth scans for this hashtag and adds all of the photos to the event gallery which is put on to a USB stick for you at the end of the night.  This is a great way to capture everyone’s memories of the evening!

Online upload

Our photo booths have the ability to upload photos to a Facebook account of your choice, this can be done after the event or during the event using a live feed (as long as the venue has a stable internet connection). Before we begin the running of the photo booth, you can log into your Facebook account and the photos will begin uploading after the very first print.  Of course this will only be done at your request.The guests will have the option to upload their photos  to their Facebook or sent to their personal email address.

Flip Books

Flip Books are tiny books that can be flipped with your thumb to create an instant movie from the motion of the pages.  We record a 15 second video while your guests are having fun dancing, holding up signs or props. If they like it, we print the video, put it through our cutter and staple the small book.

Survey Gathering software

Specifically aimed at the corporate market, but by no means exclusive to it, this software gives you the ability to convert the photo booth into a survey and data gathering booth before your guests/colleagues/clients get snap happy when it reverts back to a photo booth! It allows the customer the ability to gain feedback from the event attendees. The responses can be entered via the touch screen in the privacy of the booth or can be recorded using the booths video capabilities. Whatever questions you may have for your event attendees, this booth can provide it

Online Gallery

We have a password protected gallery in which your guests will be able to view, order or download specific photos. As this is your event you will have the final word on everything that makes it to the gallery, so don’t worry if there are some blurry snaps mixed in with the rest!

External Screen

The external screen is always a firm favourite of our events. We setup an external screen outside the main booth. This enables your guests to see what is happening inside. A fantastic way of showcasing the fun that is being had, and a pleasant way to entertain your guests while they wait.

Key rings

Keyrings can make great wedding and party favours for your guests and are also great for branding promotions. Optional customised message on the back of the photo.


For all events we will supply the hosts with a USB stick complete with all the event photos and videos.

Booth Attendant(s)

Our professional and attentive booth attendant(s) will take care of the setting up and taking down of the booth and will gladly offer out friendly advice to your guests on the operation of the booth should they need it. They will ensure your night runs smoothly.

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