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June 29, 2023

Do you want the guests at your party to have a fun and memorable time? Perhaps you want to give the gift of laughter at your birthday party? Maybe you want to offer something different at your next function? By investing in our green screen photo booth, you can give your guests something to enjoy and share when celebrating at your next bash.

Here at Prop & Pose we are proud to offer our green screen photo booth to those who want to inject a little fun into their party. Our green screen allows your guests to be transformed into a range of interesting and exciting scenes. You can take them across the pond to the bright lights of Las Vegas, or have their picture taken next to the Eiffel Tower.

Our green screen is not only incredibly versatile and simple to set up but works even better when teamed with props so you can really set the scene. Better yet, we can print out any pictures taken on your night and transform them into keyrings, flip books or pop them on a USB stick for you.

To speak to us today about booking our green screen for your next event, call now on 07718 172339.


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